Styles and Periods define architecture. To achieve a higher price for your home today or to create a pathway for it’s future value consider the re-imaging of your house. Many of today’s buying public does not aspire to the styles of homes built during the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s; especially colonial themed houses.

The generational shift in home buying is made up of persons that are the most urban, eco-friendly and technological generations that America has ever produced. You can see, feel, taste we are in a technology period. Additionally, social ideologies and movements that are repositioning the nation from it’s past are spilling over into home design. 

Considering this trend, look at styles of new houses under construction, many are of a urban farmhouse, craftsman and cottage, modern and international. These styles are accompanied with simple, sleek and sometimes even stark features. Constructed with the latest environmental, a leaning toward the natural and technological features making homes operable from your smartphone. They come without the ornaments and gingerbread often associated with the earlier periods of house building. Secondly, the interior finishes, the fixtures, furniture and equipment purchased by today’s home buyer does not collaborate well with the earlier designs.

The cost of re-imaging does not have to be formidable, in fact it may prove to be more cost effective than interior improvements for creating value. Simple measures taken for lighting, exterior trim, windows and doors often accomplishes the reimaging. In some cases, exterior finishes and the creation of outdoor spaces will increase the cost and have to be weighed with interior considerations, however studies show that within three years of occupancy people remodel their interior spaces to suit their tastes. The exterior makes a statement to, for and about the owners.  

   With the American landscape becoming more “Surban” one has the opportunity to reimage their house creating more value and higher pricing. Always, remember, whatever you do to your home….strive to make it the most interesting home in the neighborhood.

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